After over 10,000 sessions working with entrepreneurs and their leadership teams, here’s what we’ve learned: a choice few are getting everything they want out of their business, but unfortunately, most aren’t. They’re frustrated, they’re stuck, and they’re beating their heads against the wall. Most can’t quite put their finger on why, but unfortunately, that’s just where they are.  We find about five percent are getting everything they want and ninety-five percent aren’t. What’s missing? What’s the gap?

What has become clear to us is most leadership teams are simply trying to do too much and they make things way too complicated.  Our experience has proven to us beyond a shadow of a doubt (which is why we will selectively trade fees for equity) that all you need to do is focus only on strengthening what we call The Six Key Components™ of your business. And to the degree you can strengthen those Six Key Components, everything just has a way of falling into place, and it gets you to that top five percent.

In simple terms, our programs give leaders and managers what they need to strengthen the Six Key Components of any business, regardless of stage or size. We teach our clients a comprehensive, simple, holistic, and time-tested business-building system that enables them to strengthen each Key Component so they can excel at Vision, Traction, and Healthy (VTH) and produce the results they not only want, but deserve.

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