Our Early Stage Companies Program is designed for start-up companies who have passed the proof of concept phase and are not only ready to start scaling their businesses, but also to put in place key disciplines that will enhance their ability to attract and manage relationships with key stakeholders, including outside investors.

During the three-day program, we not only introduce the leadership team to a simple, yet extraordinarily effective set of tools and disciplines, but assist them in customizing them for their unique purposes.  The tools, disciplines, and associated processes include:

  • SWOT analysis completed
  • Two page strategic plan completed
  • Current and future accountability charts agreed upon
  • Hiring processes established to enhance ability to attract and retain “A Players”
  • Quarterly self-assessment based performance management system in place
  • Sales and marketing program in place to ensure focus and highest conversion rates possible
  • Meeting system in place to maximize efficiencies and build world-class problem solving skills


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